CBT Direct Online Computer Training Courses Review

I have been meaning to write a review of this company for quite awhile. I signed my son up for some online computer courses in networking and repair a year or so ago. The courses are static, meaning that they can be studied any time. There are advantages to that system, but the static courses I have taken before at least have a teacher checking in now and then, and who is available to answer questions, or clear up confusion. If you don’t understand something in CBT Direct courses, too bad. You are on your own.

He studied these courses for several months, but I had explained when I signed him up that I would be unemployed in the summer and may not be able to make a month or two of payments until September when I would resume working. They denied him access to the courses during those months, which was alright, but then they cancelled his courses altogether when twelve months had passed. They arbitrarily decided he should have completed the courses by this time, without knowing anything about him, and refused to allow him access to make up for the months when they had taken away the courses.

As a company, they strike me as very shady, and when their salesperson said that twelve months was plenty of time to finish the courses and ‘would I like to sign up for more?’ I nearly gagged. My son will be starting college this summer working toward a degree, which would be impossible using CBT Direct. I hope this review helps when you are looking for computer courses. Stay far away.

Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss

Why is it called a fast when time goes so slowly? I started this wild adventure with expectations of going one week to thirty days subsisting on just water with a squeeze of lemon. By the third day, I was bored out of my gourd. I still like water, and I like broth, which I imbibed at lunch time. Surprisingly, hot broth is very satisfying, even if it isn’t sticking to the strict rules of a fast. I just couldn’t stick the endless rounds of water.

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We Give Up Television; A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Experts, and people who make a living being experts at not knowing anything, have been yammering since the ’50s that television would usher in the end of civilization, and the glue that holds it together- the Family.

Quite the contrary. Or, as we like to say ’round these parts, they are dead wrong.Television has been holding the American family together for decades, rather than splitting it apart. What do they think I was doing when I was growing up? We didn’t have a television in the house for many years, so I couldn’t join in conversations about Sky King and Penny with my classmates.


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Why Vintage? Why Enamored? Ah, To Have Again The Crud You Gave Away

Why are we enamored of vintage? The things we bought, used up and donated, or threw away, suddenly take on a special sheen, a glow if you will, when we reach a certain age. That certain age is anywhere from seven to seventy, but no matter. We covet anything that is twenty years old, or older. If anyone sees a correlation between coveting an object older than twenty, and men and women coveting a twenty-something person, then you are showing real intellectual activity. You are to be congratulated.

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Dog Bless Our Home

It has been many years since I’ve seen that episode of the ‘Odd Couple’ where Felix says that ‘dog’ spelled backward is ‘God’. I’ve always remembered it though; it has been my standard reply to cat-lovers and dog-haters alike, over the years. The title of this post is attributed to the survey-takers who found out that one out of three dog owners have lower blood pressure, thanks to a mutt, or who are blessed in other ways by the presence of a dog.

sugar baby

Last year, just about this time, our previous dog Jupie died, and for a long time we didn’t even want to think about getting another dog. An achy-breaky heart is no fun, but trying to heal that heart by replacing the beloved with a stranger, didn’t seem all that much fun, either.

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Getting ‘Fingered’ By The Cops? Anti-Social Tendencies Have Physiological Roots

Who knew? Anti-social tendencies have all kinds of roots in physiology. And I found out I may have missed my opportunity to be a star athlete in football. Based on the length of my ring finger, which is slightly longer on both hands than my index finger, I quite possibly have tendencies for stimulation-seeking, hyperactivity, low empathy, and aggressive behaviors. Does that describe a full-back, or what? Athletes, especially the really successful ones, have longer ring fingers relative to their index fingers.

Dallas Cowboys v New York GiantsSeeing as how I am sitting peacefully at my laptop writing a sweet little blog post about violence and anti-social tendencies, I don’t see the connection. But, I am waiting to check out all you other blighters, before I venture down a dark alley with you. I insist you remove your gloves, so that I can see your finger lengths.

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Etsy.com And Frantic Wahini

Frantic Wahini is my little store around the corner on Etsy.com. For those ‘in the know’, Etsy is the place to shop for one-of-a-kind, handmade or vintage items.

Recently, I was having a terrible time with blenders. Blenders may not be used everyday, but they are an essential part of an efficient kitchen. I have a couple of bottoms to blenders, but no tops. Who can find a top anymore to an original Waring blender?

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What’s Up With Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer?

I recently saw a statement that Joel Osteen lives in a tax-free home worth 1.25 million dollars, paid for ostensibly by religious donations. Are people crazy, foolish, or just stupid? Probably all three.

meyer02In a country beset by societal ills and people living in poverty, or at least extreme financial hardship, including perhaps the very people who donate to someone like Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer, why on earth would they send their money to him? It is quite obvious he has taken advantage of their religious fervor and goodwill to live in a manner ill-befitting one who preaches about Biblical values such charity, humility, modesty, and generosity.

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire


We are all liars. I have been wading my way through the ‘Anatomy of Violence’ and am learning far more than I can ever use when it comes to lying, violence, aggression, lies, criminals, and psychopaths. ‘These are a few of my favorite things….’ (Sorry- singing that refrain is an old family joke).

That doesn’t mean I am not enjoying the book. It’s got some great stories and valuable information in it. It talks at length about lying. To paraphrase Mel Brooks in ‘History of the World’: ‘You do it, we all do it, I just did it, and I want to do it again’. That is, we lie. We lie all day, every day, about everything.

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From Jim Crow To Cheerios Commercials

I noticed something recently with respect to commercials. Many people may feel that commercials don’t deserve respect, and I respect that opinion. However, they can reflect a changing reality in contemporary American life, albeit twenty years or so late. Commercials and The Family Feud are the two avenues from whence I garner my societal facts about contemporary American life, it being summer and all, and me being on vacation, another word for unemployed.

cheerios girl

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