Personal Vendettas, Vacations, And A Hippie Van

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I just came back from a personal vacation. Haven’t been on one in a long while. It was exhausting.¬†Being taken¬†off the sofa and out into the wide world of stairs and strange beds, and too much sodium in the food, is a shock to the system.

Personal vacations however, serve multiple purposes: They make you long for that oasis you were getting heartily sick of-namely, home. Vacations help you see it with fresh eyes and be even more dissatisfied, or satisfied, with it depending on where you stayed while you were gone. They take you out of your self and your routine long enough to shake you out of a rut, at least for awhile. This euphoric feeling about home lasted until I had to clean it again after my return home, But that’s ok. Cleaning the same stuff over and over again gives us a cozy sense of eternity.


Photo courtesy of gigi wolf

Photo courtesy of gigi wolf

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High-Priced Kindle Books And Back To The Local Library We Go

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libraryAre these Kindle publishers nuts? Who do they think we are? Bill Gates clones? I have been using my Kindle almost exclusively since I bought it last November. I have found so many classics absolutely free, or close to it, that I shouldn’t complain. Nevertheless, I am going to proceed to complain, for I am from the future, and as usual, one more of the grandiose electronic promises made to the average consumer is not freaking panning out.

Every now and then, just like when you look into your closet, or for men, when you look into a full refrigerator, you can’t get excited about anything. You are in a mental state of stasis, waiting for the spark. I had the spark with two of Herman Wouk’s books about World War II, which were ten dollars each, and with Liane Moriarty before that. I get the spark and I devour books. When I lose the spark, I may as well be the Sultan of Brunei with three hundred wives to choose from, and a raging case of impotence. Is that phrase self-contradictory?

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Hey, Language Police! ‘Slowly I Turn; Step By Step…’ Oops! Have I Offended People Who Can’t Walk?

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This morning some forward thinking marketer kindly left a Sunday newspaper at our doorstep. They did this last week too, in an effort to interest us in having the paper delivered once again. Nice try, but we started economizing a few years back, and haven’t stopped. Not that it’s improved our finances all that much; the money we save on not getting the paper just goes to groceries or gasoline.

At any rate, I read two of the editorials in the op-ed page which talked about college campuses and college students, no doubt because the world is about to make the acquaintance of the 2014 graduates. One of the editorials brought up memories of Lucy learning the skit ‘Slowly I turn; step by step’, words from a vaudeville routine. They describe the movements of a person who has been ‘switched on’ by a trigger word spoken by someone else who is unaware of the trigger, and who is about to get a squirt of soda or a pie in the face by a crazed clown. Trigger words existed long before this editorial was written, but they are now the focus of the ‘language police’.

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Teaching In Nevada

Lots of future or present teachers are probably thinking of moving to Nevada right at this moment, thinking they will begin or continue their teaching careers in the great southwest. I am going to do you a favor and reveal some hidden agendas that will be the rocky outcroppings in your smooth sail west (or east, depending on which way you are moving). People do move here from California.

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Is Michele Bachmann Really A Man In Drag?

manindragpictureI have a theory that Michele Bachmann is really a man in drag. It only makes sense. After all, what better way to combat those upstart women who forge a path in history to improve lives, or to show other women what is possible than to pretend to be one of them, only really stupid? Dress up as a woman and spout inanities, and pretty soon you may get everyone to agree that whatever women did, they did it with evil intent. I’ll bet Pat Robertson is kicking himself that he hasn’t thought of it! However, he’d make such an ugly woman, and we know he only thinks ugly women fight for their rights. So, that wouldn’t fly.

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Of Affordable Health Care, Special Needs, Nevada Teachers, and the Jews

Nevada teachers never cease to surprise me. I know being a Democrat and more liberal than not, makes me rather an anomaly here, but still, I managed to be surprised one morning when I subbed at a local middle school. I’ve listened in on other conversations here and there in other schools,, and once heard a teacher use his personal politics and dislike of Al Gore to teach his class that global warming is just a huge joke dreamed up by liberals. This, and my experiences with casino dealers while working at the Golden Nugget, a fairly intolerant and bigoted lot, means I tend not to mix with Nevadans of most stripes. I just don’t think the same way they do.

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CBT Direct Online Computer Training Courses Review

I have been meaning to write a review of this company for quite awhile. I signed my son up for some online computer courses in networking and repair a year or so ago. The courses are static, meaning that they can be studied any time. There are advantages to that system, but the static courses I have taken before at least have a teacher checking in now and then, and who is available to answer questions, or clear up confusion. If you don’t understand something in CBT Direct courses, too bad. You are on your own.

He studied these courses for several months, but I had explained when I signed him up that I would be unemployed in the summer and may not be able to make a month or two of payments until September when I would resume working. They denied him access to the courses during those months, which was alright, but then they cancelled his courses altogether when twelve months had passed. They arbitrarily decided he should have completed the courses by this time, without knowing anything about him, and refused to allow him access to make up for the months when they had taken away the courses.

As a company, they strike me as very shady, and when their salesperson said that twelve months was plenty of time to finish the courses and ‘would I like to sign up for more?’ I nearly gagged. My son will be starting college this summer working toward a degree, which would be impossible using CBT Direct. I hope this review helps when you are looking for computer courses. Stay far away.

Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss

Why is it called a fast when time goes so slowly? I started this wild adventure with expectations of going one week to thirty days subsisting on just water with a squeeze of lemon. By the third day, I was bored out of my gourd. I still like water, and I like broth, which I imbibed at lunch time. Surprisingly, hot broth is very satisfying, even if it isn’t sticking to the strict rules of a fast. I just couldn’t stick the endless rounds of water.

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We Give Up Television; A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Experts, and people who make a living being experts at not knowing anything, have been yammering since the ’50s that television would usher in the end of civilization, and the glue that holds it together- the Family.

Quite the contrary. Or, as we like to say ’round these parts, they are dead wrong.Television has been holding the American family together for decades, rather than splitting it apart. What do they think I was doing when I was growing up? We didn’t have a television in the house for many years, so I couldn’t join in conversations about Sky King and Penny with my classmates.


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Why Vintage? Why Enamored? Ah, To Have Again The Crud You Gave Away

Why are we enamored of vintage? The things we bought, used up and donated, or threw away, suddenly take on a special sheen, a glow if you will, when we reach a certain age. That certain age is anywhere from seven to seventy, but no matter. We covet anything that is twenty years old, or older. If anyone sees a correlation between coveting an object older than twenty, and men and women coveting a twenty-something person, then you are showing real intellectual activity. You are to be congratulated.

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