A Woman’s Guide To Everything: Sex And The Brain, Part 1

Sex and the brain. If we have sex on the brain, then the brain must have an awful lot to do with sex. We are all fourteen year-old boys in one stage or another throughout our lifetimes.

Our brains rule our hearts and they rule our sexual desires, and are the storage area where all feelings of any kind abide. The right hemisphere of the brain is thought to be where orgasms originate. One lucky woman had seizures that were induced when she brushed her teeth. A feeling of orgasm-like euphoria would wash over her as she brushed away. She went to get this checked out (Why? What if they had ‘fixed’ it? ) and her brain-imaging study showed some problems in her right temporal lobe.

Decreased blood flow is the cause of decreased functioning of the brain, which leads to a decrease in sexual functioning and desire. My source for all of this information on the brain, sex, and increased longevity, is taken from the book ‘Sex on the Brain’ by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.  Can we get an ‘amen’ for Amen? He has been imaging and studying brains in all different modes and stages of dysfunction for many years.

To avoid confusion, and uphold the standards most of us know and are used to, sex in the context of this article, or any others I may write on the subject, is sex in a committed, loving, monogamous relationship. I’m sure there is a lot of satisfaction to be had in a harem, or in a polygamous family, at least for the sultan, or the serial groom, or for party people, but they will have to draw their own conclusions about the importance of sex in their lives. For the record, while the sultan, or the head of a huge family with multiple wives, may be happy, I think the wives are probably very familiar with each other, and are getting their intimacy needs fulfilled in other ways. Let’s face it; if a wife has to share her husband with three to three hundred other women, she’s waiting’ around a lot for some skin time.

If you want your man to live long and prosper, you have to give him lots of sex. This will also have the salutary effect of making you happy, and increasing your life span. The author emphasizes thoughtful sexual activity, because having sex with someone can lead to falling in love with them. It is an act of bonding, and sometimes bondage.

There are studies that suggest that increased sexual activity with a committed partner may be a preventive measure against heart disease and cancer. The brain is the largest sex organ, regardless of what a man may have told you, so it is important to keep it healthy and enhance it’s function.

Connecting with others on a cognitive level is part of what keeps us happy, and physical touch increases the hormone oxytocin, the trust hormone. See Blanche DuBois And The Trust Hormone. This in turn, lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, noted for giving you abdominal fat, and road rage. Women in studies who had more sex, had increased estrogen levels with accompanying enhanced brain functioning.

More estrogen increases bone density, lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, and improves the cardiovascular system. More sex can regulate the menstrual cycle, and by extension make you more fertile, and give men a healthy prostate.


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