We Give Up Television; A Day That Will Live In Infamy

Experts, and people who make a living being experts at not knowing anything, have been yammering since the ’50s that television would usher in the end of civilization, and the glue that holds it together- the Family.

Quite the contrary. Or, as we like to say ’round these parts, they are dead wrong.Television has been holding the American family together for decades, rather than splitting it apart. What do they think I was doing when I was growing up? We didn’t have a television in the house for many years, so I couldn’t join in conversations about Sky King and Penny with my classmates.


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Why Vintage? Why Enamored? Ah, To Have Again The Crud You Gave Away

Why are we enamored of vintage? The things we bought, used up and donated, or threw away, suddenly take on a special sheen, a glow if you will, when we reach a certain age. That certain age is anywhere from seven to seventy, but no matter. We covet anything that is twenty years old, or older. If anyone sees a correlation between coveting an object older than twenty, and men and women coveting a twenty-something person, then you are showing real intellectual activity. You are to be congratulated.

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What’s Up With Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer?

I recently saw a statement that Joel Osteen lives in a tax-free home worth 1.25 million dollars, paid for ostensibly by religious donations. Are people crazy, foolish, or just stupid? Probably all three.

meyer02In a country beset by societal ills and people living in poverty, or at least extreme financial hardship, including perhaps the very people who donate to someone like Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer, why on earth would they send their money to him? It is quite obvious he has taken advantage of their religious fervor and goodwill to live in a manner ill-befitting one who preaches about Biblical values such charity, humility, modesty, and generosity.

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire


We are all liars. I have been wading my way through the ‘Anatomy of Violence’ and am learning far more than I can ever use when it comes to lying, violence, aggression, lies, criminals, and psychopaths. ‘These are a few of my favorite things….’ (Sorry- singing that refrain is an old family joke).

That doesn’t mean I am not enjoying the book. It’s got some great stories and valuable information in it. It talks at length about lying. To paraphrase Mel Brooks in ‘History of the World’: ‘You do it, we all do it, I just did it, and I want to do it again’. That is, we lie. We lie all day, every day, about everything.

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From Jim Crow To Cheerios Commercials

I noticed something recently with respect to commercials. Many people may feel that commercials don’t deserve respect, and I respect that opinion. However, they can reflect a changing reality in contemporary American life, albeit twenty years or so late. Commercials and The Family Feud are the two avenues from whence I garner my societal facts about contemporary American life, it being summer and all, and me being on vacation, another word for unemployed.

cheerios girl

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A Woman’s Guide To Everything: The Lost Art of Dissembling, or How To Rock Like An Ex-Pres, and Not Paula Deen

This week we were treated to the interesting spectacle of a southern belle gone bad. I don’t mean Paula Deen became spoiled like an overripe tomato, or that she found an elderly Clyde and pulled a few bank jobs with him, I mean she appears to be entirely bereft of that fine art of which Bill Clinton is amply endowed, the art of dissembling.


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Dress For Less And For The Best: Insist On Clothing You Love That Lasts

We all want to dress for less, but dress well. In recent years, and for larger families, this hasn’t always been easy. In part one of this ‘series’ (can a two-part article be a series?) I wrote about some of the reasons we have come to such a sorry pass in America, clothing-wise. I have recently finished ‘Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion’, by Elizabeth Cline, and felt the need to share some of what I learned.


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A Woman’s Guide To Everything: Becoming A New Mom At Seventy Means Greater Convenience For Two

I read recently about a woman, a new mom, in another country who had wanted to have a baby for all of her married life, which was a very long time considering her age as of this writing, but was unable to. Finally, she conceived at the tender age of seventy, or something close to assisted living age.

elderly mother

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A Woman’s Guide To Everything: What’s The Back Story, Otherwise Known As The Prequel

Every time someone tells me a story about a marital dispute someone they know is having, or some other calamitous, or even stupendous happening, in someone’s life I may or may not know, I invariably want to know the back story.

star wars

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A Woman’s Guide To Everything: Perfect Attendance Can Lead To Things Like Showing Up Or Arriving

Awards are pleasant things, and are given for many things, including to adults for perfect attendance, as I found out recently. Being awarded something is a pleasant and exciting concept. It intrigued me enough that I was willing to waste some time on it with Google. I wanted to know when the first award was awarded.


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