A Woman’s Guide to Everything: Back Pain Relief Through Thai Massage

Discovering Thai massage has helped to relieve much back pain for me. For the last two months I had been having a little trouble walking, with some pain in my left leg. I had injured a groin muscle years ago while riding my bike, and it had become progressively worse.

An injured muscle shortens and weakens, and causes some havoc in other parts of the body, if left untreated.  I went to a chiropractor, and while I believe in many alternative therapies, this didn’t seem to help; in fact, it got worse after I saw him. The situation was worrying me enough that I wanted to find an alternative treatment. I refused to even consider surgery, or any prescription medications. Going down that  road seldom leads to a safe return.  I am not advocating anyone give up their meds, but anytime you hear someone of a very advanced age talk about their lifestyle, one consistent factor jumps out: they never took meds.

Thai massage came into my life by accident, or divine design, I’m not sure which. I am convinced that when you need something, God will provide it. He does it in odd or roundabout ways, sometimes. I had grown my hair for six months, waiting for it to be long enough to get a Jane Fonda “Klute” shag. The first stylist I went to really butchered my hair. It was without a doubt, the worst haircut I have ever had. Ergo, I had to make another appointment with another stylist at another salon I had been to before, but had decided to forego to find a closer salon. Quel mistake! Go with what you know.

The second stylist mentioned Thai massage to me. I had never heard of it. She tried to explain it to me, but my old friend Google is my go-to guy for clarification. Thai massage had possibilities, so I called one of only two numbers for it in Vegas, and made an appointment. The woman who opened the door at a private residence was a soft-spoken, petite, Indian woman from England. I wasn’t sure how her petiteness was going to stand up to my 5 foot ten-ness, but I was willing to give it a try.

An hour-and-a-half later, I stood up straight, and started my first steps to stronger, pain free walk. It was amazing. The best explanation is that someone is doing an hour’s worth of yoga for you. I’d been going to Bikram yoga, and hated it. I hated trying to exercise in a sauna, and since my movements were restricted, they remained restricted.

Thai massage takes you through the moves that will stretch muscles that are restricting movement. When certain places in the skeletal system are restricted, the body will compensate in other ways, perhaps causing more pain. When people walk hunched over, its because their upper bodies lack strength, and the unused muscles are shortening, thus pulling them over. It has less to do with age and an older spine, than with weakened muscles. No doubt about it, humans require maintenance.

Because the injured muscle doesn’t move in the ways it should, my little technician would brace my leg on top of hers, and have me gather all my strength and resist her pushing the muscle open. It was painful, but I’d do it again, anytime. In fact, I do it every day, twice a day. There are many demonstrations on YouTube about Thai massage, so my guy and I watch them, and he does the techniques on me. It is quite possible to do them with a partner, and improve your flexibility.

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